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Digital Strategy Checklist:

  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Update? What’s an update?

Sound familiar?

The great majority of companies still view websites and social media as one-off projects.

An out-of-date website will do more harm than good to a business, as will a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account whose last post is dated March 2010.

If you are on the web you’d better ask yourself what you are doing here, before you client does.

Update now.

Here are a few statistics for the numerically inclined:

A study by BT Business and Latitude shows that nearly one fifth of the fastest growing UK SMEs do not have websites. An Analysis of the Real Business Hot 100 websites, the UK’s fastest-growing small companies (in terms of sales) over the past four years, reveals that nearly 50% are losing potential customers on account of links to inexistent pages.

In Italy, less than 50% of companies with fewer than 10 employees has a website and the percentage drops to 15% for those with one or two employees.


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